What do cats and websites have in common?

August 7, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Herding Cats. That’s what re-launching a company website is like. Just when you think you have one problem taken care of, whoops! There goes Ms. Flutterbucket out the back gate.

The amount of moving parts in a new website is overwhelming. Truly. Building landing pages, organizing the layout, choosing pictures, getting employees to write their own bios (enter herding cats meme) – all of it is enough to drive a person insane. Or at least to happy hour.


But after all our blood, sweat, and tears – we did it! It’s done! Huzzah!

Our new website offers twice the amount of cool stuff we had before. We’ve crafted demo videos and white papers. We’ve amped up our cache of support materials, and streamlined the process to schedule training online. We even have detailed info on each of our key features within the product. Want to know more about what makes us tick the way we do? Or where to meet Hot Robert in person? We’ve got that, too.

If you couldn’t tell by our tagline – Changing Education, Forever. – we’re a pretty serious bunch when it comes to what we do and why we do it. Building a website that clearly communicates that grand mission was quite a task. Demonstrating in words the passion, sacrifice, sweat and tears that have gone into each and every part of SchoolStatus is nearly impossible. But then again, we try to do the impossible every day!

There’s nothing I can write here that will truly encapsulate the love and dedication that goes into SchoolStatus at each and every level. It’s just not possible in words. Nevertheless, here it is. Our new website. Welcome to it. We hope you stick around a while; we built this just for you.