Automatic native and 3rd-party integrations, powerful drag-and-drop reporting, mobile parent portal, and unlimited, included training and support. 


Campus to district comparison data, native teacher evaluation mobile app, geospatial heatmapping, all without requiring additional personnel.


All-inclusive data visualizations, fresh and accurate information for real-time instructional support, and an intuitive dashboard platform. 

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All your district learning data,
up-to-date and in one place.

The SchoolStatus framework connects to district learning and data systems to import all available instructional and operational data into one interface, including attendance, discipline, grades, 3rd-party and/or benchmark assessments, state assessments, and more. The automatic integration allows data to refresh nightly, all without the need for additional hardware or personnel. Highly secure, industry-leading uptime, and consistent subscription-based pricing - it's your data, and we can help you wrangle it.

Powerful Reporting

Not only are our dashboards incredibly easy to use, but we marry that with a powerful drag-and-drop reporting engine. SchoolStatus allows for fast reporting like you've never seen.

Unlimited Training

Unlike other software vendors, we include unlimited onsite or online training at no additional cost. We want our customers happy, informed, and using SchoolStatus to its fullest.

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From campus-wide overviews to classroom-level details.

Quickly compare campus-level data to district-level data, collect classroom insights across the campus, or create custom-filtered reports using specific criteria. Need to set up an after-school tutoring center? Utilize geospatial heat-mapping to view your target population and use those resources most effectively. Lacking data behind your teacher evaluation process? Using Feedbak by SchoolStatus you can observe, photograph, and score a teacher from your iPad while on the go. With such powerful resources at your fingertips, you can provide your teachers the tools they need to see student data visually, giving them direct input to impact their day-to-day instruction and create a truly data-driven campus culture.

24x7 Support

Working late? No problem. When you have a question, we're here to help. We operate 24x7 to ensure we're always here to help when you need us.

Full Transparency

Parents and teachers can discuss mutually-available information through the StudentStatus mobile extension app at a time and place convenient for them.

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See the Whole Student with automatically updated, beautifully designed visualizations and reports.

Single-click search functionality delivers detailed Student Card overviews with tabs for every integration associated with that student. See contact information, attendance, grades, discipline, benchmark and state assessments, 3rd-party software integrations, attached documents, and notes all in one place. Make adjustments to lesson plans or supplement homework assignments based on real-time data, for truly data-driven instruction and improved student outcomes.

Knowledge is Power

Rather than waiting for multiple data requests to be fulfilled at the district level, you can access the information you need directly and securely. SchoolStatus helps take the many data points tracked by districts and distill it down to what's really important for daily instruction. This kind of insight gives you the power to customize the learning experience for each and every child, and gives you time back to do what you do best - educate.

Specialists and Coordinators

Using the Groups Module, students can be tagged as working with an RTI Coordinator, a SPED Specialist, or included in a PLC. The ability to access necessary student information by these non-traditional classroom teachers and groups takes the power and value of the SchoolStatus data engine to the next level. Customize groups to meet the specific needs of your district, and give access to the appropriate educators.


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