Make your data actionable and truly help your students.

Powerful, Intuitive, and Relevant

Ready to take a look under the hood? We've prepared this quick, five-minute demonstration of the software for you to get a glimpse, but to really see it in action we encourage you to reach out and register for a consultation. In person or over the web, let one of our team members walk you through the features that are most important to you.

Join the Evaluation Revolution

Feedbak by SchoolStatus

Feedbak by SchoolStatus provides more than a streamlined, mobile teacher evaluation platform. By plugging into the powerful data engine behind SchoolStatus, observers can see what's truly going on in the classroom before or during an observation, giving them the confidence to evaluate and score based on the entire picture. Once complete, the two-way conversation becomes data-focused and results-driven, all within the app. This fresh approach to professional development is leading the Evaluation Revolution.

Bridging the Gap Between Home and School

StudentStatus, a Parent Portal

Parents and teachers alike know the value of a focused conversation around a child's specific needs. Though often, meetings are hurried, too infrequent, or focused on delivering data rather than discussing how to act on it. With StudentStatus, parents and teachers share mutually available information within the secure app, then communicate one-on-one in a monitored environment without the need for sharing phone numbers. This collaborative approach is helping to change education, forever.