Initial Problem

Parents and teachers alike often struggle to find the mutually-convenient time and place to discuss the needs of students on an individual level, though both know there is plenty to be learned through a positive and meaningful dialogue.

Our Solution

StudentStatus eliminates the obstacles around scheduling and location by bringing the data and communication to the palm of your hands. Now both parents and teachers have the ability to engage at a time and place that works.

Amazing Result

Using the mutually available information at a time and place convenient to both parties, StudentStatus becomes a data-driven outline to frame the conversation around specific areas that can help the child succeed.

Not just grades, discipline, or attendance - it's everything.

Now parents can instantly see how their children are performing in school.

With the extension app for SchoolStatus, parents can see performance on benchmark assessments, state assessments, reading and math intervention programs and more; in addition to grades, attendance, and discipline. The streamlined mobile application allows highly-secure access to each student's data, all in one place.

Parents can communicate with teachers and school leaders one-on-one through the app - no phone number sharing required - to address specific concerns, request clarification, or share successful methods of reaching each child using the same StudentCard overview found in the SchoolStatus software.

By facilitating meaningful conversations between teachers and parents, StudentStatus bridges the gap. With a unified team expanding to both home and school, students get the support and focus they need to succeed in the classroom. It is this unified approach to achievement that is helping to change education, forever. 

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