See all available student data, in one place.

Student Card Overview

Can you See the Whole Student?

The ability to display a student’s demographic information, attendance, discipline, grades, state assessments and data from 3rd-party sources such as Renaissance Learning, Classworks, Compass Learning, iReady, NWEA, CASE, ACT and others is no longer the cumbersome data-collection process it used to be. With just one click, access the complete picture of a student’s educational experience across multiple data sources. Armed with this data, you can now contact parents and discuss the comprehensive student picture without the need to access dozens of other systems.

Need to target specific student groups such as SPED, RTI, ELL, etc.? Easily create custom student groups to monitor the progress of those particular subsets of students right from the Student Card. Assign the groups to specific administrators, interventionists, reading coaches, etc. As you monitor progress, add custom notes and attachments to the Student Card to be shared with your colleagues or kept private. It’s all part of Seeing the Whole Student.