See student data in the way that helps you most.

Smart Tags

SchoolStatus compiles all my data into one place... now what do I do with it? How do I make sense of the vast amount of data at my fingertips to really impact student outcomes? The answer is Smart Tags.

Would you like to create a custom list of all students with perfect attendance but more than five disciplinary infractions? Smart Tag It. How about all of your Tier 2 students who also received a ‘Minimal’ score on the most recent benchmark assessment? Easy, Smart Tag It. What’s even better? The tags are dynamic, so as students meet your criteria, they are automatically added to the Smart-Tagged group. What’s more, you can share these tags to everyone in the district, specific groups, or keep them private, allowing you to immediately disseminate these tags for cohesive monitoring. Because SchoolStatus access is hierarchical-based, users will see only the students to which they have access within that Smart Tag criteria.

Large amounts of data can be abstract; we want it to be useful and purposeful. The power SchoolStatus brings is taking the data from your disparate data systems and making it usable for you in a meaningful way.