Master compliance, increase efficiency, and see your data the way you need to see it.

Powerful Reporting Engine

Getting valuable data from most educational software products takes a tremendous amount of familiarity and time; time that could be better spent impacting student outcomes. SchoolStatus aims to give you that much-needed time back.

For example… It’s 10:19am, the day of an important board meeting. Your supervisor emails a request for the average number of discipline infractions (by custom infraction code) compared to the average number of days absent at a specific campus. And while you’re at it, go ahead and break that out by month as well. This needs to be ready for the 4:00pm board meeting. With the intuitive SchoolStatus drag-and-drop reporting feature, you can have that ready in less than 10 minutes, and that includes a stop to refresh your coffee.

Data reports that used to take hours to compile and multiple personnel to oversee now take minutes, and are accessible to all appropriate personnel. District staff can create reports simply by dragging and dropping. No queries to run, no fancy code. Drag, drop, and print. Using this tool, reports can be saved for later use or scheduled to run on a recurring basis. We believe your time is most valuable educating students. Let us give you that time back and wrangle that data for you.