Get the complete picture with geo-spatial imaging and data plotting.


Viewing student data points based on the student’s home address is a powerful new concept. With this insight, educators can now see the strengths and weaknesses of customized groups of students from a geospatial perspective using Geovision.  

Viewing specific student sub-groups on a map provides educators the ability to determine if problematic issues are systemic or connected to a particular geographical area.  Many challenges that principals and teachers are faced with start outside the campus boundaries. Neighborhood social dynamics can spill over to the classroom, which could change the level of student engagement without the teacher ever knowing. Identifying these issues based on data gives teachers and administrators the information needed to affect real change both inside and outside of the classroom.

Using the customized reporting in Smart Tags in conjunction with Geovision can reveal trends that might otherwise go unnoticed. At SchoolStatus, we are changing the way districts and schools look at data on a daily basis...just one of the ways we’re helping to change education, forever.