Integrated and actionable dashboards with powerful visualizations.

Attendance, Discipline, and Grades

Most schools and districts use a student information system that does a good job of handling the day-to-day process of tracking attendance, discipline, and grades. However, where they fall short is the ability to return that data in a meaningful way in order to truly affect student outcomes.

Our interactive, graphical interfaces give educators the tools to drill down to the core issues. Who are the most truant students this week? Month? Year? What day of the week do most of your discipline infractions occur? Tying specific data points to other data points tracked in the school district allows educators to spot trends that might otherwise go unnoticed when using only your student information system.  

Educators have long known that factors such as attendance and discipline have an impact on achievement, but knowing how they can affect students at your district or school is one of the keys to changing education forever.