Integrating your Teacher Evaluation tool with your district's data systems enables every administrator to see the latest test scores, class rosters, state accountability measures, and even absenteeism at the class and student level. This insight gives the observing administrator confidence, knowing they have the complete picture before entering the classroom.


No matter the device, Feedbak is available on the go. As a native iPad application, WiFi connection is not required during observations, which means users won't lose an evaluation if a connection is dropped. As a cloud-based application, functionality is device-agnostic - allowing you the freedom to choose the best device for your district or comply with a BYOD environment. 


Feedbak allows for both the online viewing of past observations and the posting of real-time comments in reply. Two-way communication is critical for professional growth, which leads to greater retention and a sense of accomplishment. Focusing teachers on improving their performance in the classroom creates a culture of success and in turn increases student outcomes overall.

Teacher Evaluation that encourages open communication and enables mobile observations. The Feedbak mobile app and web-based portal are helping districts change education, forever.


Taking teacher evaluation to the next level.

Feedbak by SchoolStatus brings mobility, insight, and open two-way communication to the teacher evaluation process. And by incorporating your district's evaluation rubric, Feedbak creates a seamless workflow from the first informal classroom observation all the way to the official end-of-year reporting. Through the native iPad app, observers can enter notes, snap photos, even assign a score all without need for WiFi connection and with minimal disruption to the classroom activities. The app coupled with the web-based admin portal give administrators a comfortable range of options for entering notes and assigning scores. Then once the observation is complete, Feedbak automatically notifies the teacher and leads them to a secure login where they can view scores or comments, and leave comments of their own in reply. This type of mobile, efficient, and open communication within the monitored, secure Feedbak Dashboard is just one way that SchoolStatus is helping to change education, forever.

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-   Secure SIS integration for full student data visibility

-   Native iPad app allows use without constant WiFi

-   Cloud-based web portal reduces storage needs

-   Custom rubrics make implementation simple



-   Align professional development goals with observed needs 

-   Two-way communication creates constructive conversations

-   Automated state reporting gives you peace of mind

-   Unlimited support and training means you never go it alone