Let's see if we can help answer them for you.

We heard you might have a few questions before reaching out.

Working with student data, we know it's important to have complete transparency when it comes to security, usage, intent, and access. We strive to be the most transparent data company in the world, and as a result, we also get a lot of questions regarding what makes us so different, and how it can actually benefit educators and students alike. Take a look through these frequently-asked questions below, and hopefully you'll start to see how we are indeed helping to change education, forever.

FAQs About the Company
  • Q1: Is your data secure?

    Highly. Our framework is housed in an SOC 1/ISAE 3402 facility, using banking-grade encryption technology. We have designed SchoolStatus with strict FERPA compliance as the baseline rule.

  • Q2: What is FERPA?

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act- read more about it on the official website here. This act works to protect public school student data from nefarious organizations.

  • Q3: Are you aware of the revisions to FERPA? Are you prepared?

    Yes, we have been tracking the legislature and our legal team is keeping on top of the potential new requirements. Because we use FERPA as a baseline for our privacy and security, our above-and-beyond measures are actually already more than will be required with the new revision.

  • Q4: What did you mean by SOC 1/ISAE 3402?

    SOC 1/ISAE 3402 is a rigorous auditing standard that measures the control of information and has replaced SAS70 reports according to the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements. In order to host or process customer data, SchoolStatus had to demonstrate that we have adequate controls and safeguards for student data.

  • Q5: How do you integrate with 3rd-party vendors?

    Our proprietary software integrates through a variety of different methods, but the cleanest is via API key. The most important part of the secret sauce? No one from your district has to manually import or export the data, it’s done nightly and automatically.

  • Q6: If our district changes student information systems (SIS), what happens to our data?

    With SchoolStatus, you never have to worry about losing data when changing vendors. All of the data pulled from your SIS will remain in your SchoolStatus account.

  • Q7: Do you ever share the data you have access to?

    No way. SchoolStatus specializes in helping you make the most of your data - but the data itself is yours, we simply aggregate what you’re already tracking and drill it down to the points most important to your staff. We take student data privacy very seriously, and as many of us are parents ourselves, we stand by the guiding principle that children's information should always be protected.

  • Q8: Who in the district has access to the data?

    Visibility allowances correspond to the position and rank of the individual: teachers see data from their own students for as long as the student is in the class, principals see the whole school, and district admins see the whole district. Custom allowances or specific groups can be made by district admins as they see fit.

  • Q9: Can teachers see all of the district data?

    Teachers only have visibility for the students in their classes. If they need visibility of a student card outside of their class (RTI specialists, coaches, etc), a district admin can create a group to make that possible. For more information on how to create custom Student Groups, check out our support page for tutorials.

  • Q10: How much does your PD cost?

    Our training is actually included in your annual subscription price and is unlimited. We want your team equipped, happy, and using SchoolStatus on a daily basis, and we believe being well-trained is key for that kind of implementation. For your convenience, you can even schedule your training online.

  • Q11: What additional equipment costs or personnel requirements will we incur?

    Because we are cloud-based, there is no additional equipment to purchase or strain on your existing data center. And because the integrations are done automatically each night, no additional personnel are required to maintain or manage your subscription.

  • Q12: Does it cost more to add integrations?

    No. Whether you integrate with four or 40 third-party platforms, we will pull data from them all as part of your subscription.

  • Q13: How does your pricing work for multiple years?

    We do honor multi-year contracts if that is what you prefer. Our standard business agreement is a one-year subscription per district, and your price will remain consistent each year that you renew with us, regardless of retail value at the future date.

  • Q14: We've used a 'data warehouse' before... how are you any different?

    The term ‘warehouse’ is indicative of many of the early software systems on the market, because they do a great job collecting the data - but then it just sits on a shelf because it’s cumbersome to find what you need when looking through such a large amount of information. Our next-generation approach comes from the understanding that most districts are currently collecting and tracking data in some form or fashion, but what we do best is present your data back to you through beautifully designed dashboards and interfaces with powerful and intuitive reporting features so you can get that data off of the dusty shelf and actually put it to work helping your students!

  • Q15: How do you compare to an LMS or SIS?

    We integrate with both of those tools, maintaining consistency for those users comfortable with specific features in your current LMS or SIS. What we provide, is a common district-wide platform to view ALL of the data you are currently monitoring, and powerful tools to help you track it, analyze it, and put it into action.

  • Q16: Does SchoolStatus do lesson planning?

    Lesson planning is so closely tied to content and curriculum, that it didn’t make sense for us to compete with the many top-notch products already available to educators. Instead, through our third-party integrations, we include the results along with all the other data in your SchoolStatus overview called the Student Card.

  • Q17: Is SchoolStatus on Social Media?

    We sure are! Connect with us on Facebook , Instagram (@SchoolStatusApp), Pinterest. We love to host fun contests on Instagram, and we are always posting #ontheroad pictures from our #trainingninja on Twitter. You might see someone you know!

FAQs About Using the Software
  • Q1: What if I want new data added to our account?

    Just let us know! We want you to have easy access to all your data. If you add an assessment or other new third-party platform, we will integrate with it as part of your current subscription. Email Us: help@schoolstatus.com

  • Q2: I'm trying to build a custom report, but I'm stuck. Can someone help me build it?

    We’d be happy to! Email: help@schoolstatus.com, let us know what you are looking for, and one of our reporting experts will get back with you as soon as possible! If you'd prefer to walk through it with us, our customer support team is available via phone 24/7 to guide the way.

  • Q3: I can't remember my password. What do I do now?

    Click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link and you will be asked to enter your username. Remember your username is the email address associated with your account (most likely your school email address). You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password. If you still can’t log in, give us a call at 1.855.9.STATUS or 1.601.620.0613 and we’ll get you going!

  • Q4: The teachers that are showing up in our account are incorrect. What gives?

    We pull data directly from your SIS for teacher accounts. Often, if there are unnecessary teachers present in your SchoolStatus account, it is because they are still accounted for in your SIS.

  • Q5: I need to edit the teachers in our SchoolStatus account, but can't figure out how. What do I do?

    The teacher creation module is available to district admins automatically, and may be added to other user accounts as needed. You might not currently have the capabilities to modify teacher accounts. Call us to see where the problem may be. If you do have the module and you need help, there is a tutorial available!

  • Q6: Do you have any on-demand tutorials?

    Yes! Quite a few, actually. Click on ‘Support’ and you will find a variety of video tutorials as well as PDFs.

  • Q7: I hate emailing customer service, can I just call and talk to a human?

    Of course! We have support staff available 24/7. Call us at 1.855.9.STATUS or locally at 1.601.620.0613. We also have a live chat option during business hours from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

  • Q8: I have a really great idea I'd like to share with you guys. Can I suggest a feature?

    Yes, please! We love hearing your ideas! Our software was developed based on teacher experience, and most of our new feature releases have come directly from customer requests. It's one of the ways we strive to stay connected to your needs as educators.