See an overview of all conversations with your contacts, including those made over the phone, via text message, or through email. Complete with customized tasks, the Channel by SchoolStatus dashboard will help you make sure every parent is engaged and active.

Make your data actionable and truly help your students.

Your data. Better communication.

Research proves that increased parent engagement is directly related to improved student outcomes - but what tools does our industry provide to help educators manage this task? Channel by SchoolStatus makes parent relationship management an intuitive and streamlined process, giving you the resources you need to accomplish your goals.

Use your cell or browser.

Place and receive phone calls using the web or your cell phone - all without revealing personal numbers. Calls can also be recorded for tone analysis and tracking purposes as well as transcribed and translated.

Never share personal numbers.

With Channel, educators can communicate with parents via text message without exchanging personal cell phone numbers. This freedom opens up the most effective and convenient form of communication.

Keep everything organized.

Organize your emails among all other communication types for a complete view of the educator to parent relationship. Streamline management into one, simple to use interface.

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-   Secure SIS integration for full student data visibility

-   Combined communication feed for single-view access

-   Customized task creation for better time management

-   Communication type filtering for added precision

-   Voicemail and School Return calling  provides options

-   Existing email client integration maintains your contacts


-   Reporting at an administrative level is simpler and more accurate 

-   Educators no longer have to contend with shared call-back systems

-   Records of communication promote constructive conversations

-   Integration with existing data helps you see the whole student

-   Cloud-based technology relieves pressure on infrastructure

-   Building better relationships as a whole develops trust all around