It's Time for a Change

By nearly every measure, the education of our children is the most important way to improve the quality of life for millions of Americans, changing the course of their life and the lives of their descendants. The impact of the instruction a child receives in elementary & secondary school is immeasurable, and we seek to improve this through better data quality. 

Our company is focused on ensuring that teachers have the data quality and quantity to make the most informed instructional decisions possible. With billions of dollars spent on educational software every year, we feel it's important to harness that data and put it in the hands of teachers. By using advanced analytics, we believe they can improve student outcomes and ultimately change lives.

Let's Make it Happen

We started out with just a few folks who hail from a variety of K-12 backgrounds. Having worked in education most of our adult lives, we noticed that a lot of teachers simply weren't armed with the latest and most accurate data. We sat down and envisioned an online resource where all available data was in one place. No gimmicks, no hassles, just the data that educators need. By continuing to listen to our customers and developing the features they need, we've continued to grow and here we are today. Changing education, forever.


Our Guiding Principles

Do Good Work

Create highly valuable, elegant products that solve real problems. We believe our work matters and are proud to be part of this team.

Know Who Matters

Look out for our customers. Without them, we'd be nowhere. Our customer-centric approach to service carries throughout the organization.

Change the World

Make bold moves that challenge old thinking and truly improve education in meaningful ways. Always try to find ways of moving education onward and upward.

Getting to Know SchoolStatus

We're a fun bunch of folks, and we love getting to know our customers. Hopefully, we shed a little light on our happy crew and give you a glimpse into the SchoolStatus lifestyle. To keep up with our antics on a regular basis, be sure to follow us on Instagram, @schoolstatusapp. We look forward to seeing you out and about!

Happy Hattiesburg Crew
Sometimes you just have to build your own box.
Sometimes we travel to cool places.
Even our developers love a good laugh!
We have fun getting our exercise!
We are very handy at hanging our own signs.
We throw an AWESOME crawfish boil!
We like to get a little silly from time to time....
We always try to take in the historic sites.
We represent at international technology shows.
We even build our own booths!
We don't always make it the whole day in our heels....
Apparently we really love some sweet tea!
And we clean up pretty well, too.
There's always time for a selfie break on booth duty.
Blake used to play with tinker toys... a lot.
Always make sure you look both ways before crossing the street!
Lovely ladies giving demos and smiles at ISTE.
We really love each other... can't you tell?
Sartorially, we're on the same page.
This little angel has taken her mom's spot as Operations Manager.
Happy 3-Year Work Anniversary, Josh! Now get back to work!
Robert's jealous of her sweet hair flip. It'll be okay, Robert.

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